• Smile Analysis

  • Dr. Alterman has had extensive training in evaluating your smile to determine ways that it could be improved , enhanced and desigined to match your style and personality.

    Everyone is unique , so should your smile. Dr. Alterman takes great pride in considering all aspects of your oral health , bite lip contours , facial form and personality type to make your smile match you.  A complete analysis is performed with your input to determine the proper length, width and shade of your teeth.  Extensie digital photography is used so these details can be examined closely and completely.  Dr Alterman evaluates what is called the macro-esthetics ( over all appearance ) and the micro-esthetics ( detail characteristics ) to expertly develop your unique smile.

    How the changes are implemented vary greatly.  All aspects of dentistry to proper gum display , individual tooth health and a stable bite are considered to insure long term success.